How do I repair and optimize tables In PHPMyAdmin?

Sometimes when your database gets too large it slows down your site. So we suggest optimizing it from time to time. Below is an outline of how to get this done:

   1. Login to your cPanel
   2. Click on "PHPMyAdmin"
   3. On the left hand side, select the database
   4. Scroll to the bottom of the database (that is now populated with tables)
   5. Select the option that says "Check All"
   6. Just to the right, there is a box that says "With Selected" click on that and choose "repair"
   7. You should get a page that says "OK" listed next to each table.
   8. When done, look up to the top of the page, and click on the "structure" tab.
   9. This will take you back to step 6 and again repeat this process, but this time use the word "Optimize" in the drop down menu.
  10. You should see now the same list as in step 7. You're done!

Many very weird things can be fixed by this simple process. It can also improve the speed of your site!

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