After suspension, my databases are not working

If you are getting the following message; "Error establishing a database connection", this is a cPanel bug in their 11.24.x release. Below, we have outlined how to resolve this issue:

    * Find the configuration file of your database driven application (normally within the /public_html folder)
    * Inside the configuration file (the file maybe called things like: wp-config.php, configure.php, config.php, configuration.php, etc…), you will see something that looks like this:

          $database = "";
          $dbusername = "";
          $dbpassword = "";
          $dbhost ="localhost";

    * You will need to copy the "dbusername" and "dbpassword" from this configuration file.
    * Then, please login to cPanel, and click on "MySQL"
    * Next, we need to scroll down to "add new user"
    * Input the SAME username and password and click "add new user"
    * Your site will load now without any problems.

The above will fix the issue with the database connectivity that you have been having.

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