Server Resource Limits

Yes. There are some limits that you should be aware of. Please review them closely, as they are outlined in great detail below.

All Shared / Reseller Hosting account:

    * Can NOT use more than 25% of the CPU
    * File Sharing sites (including Upload sites) are forbidden
    * Running CRON more than once every 15 mins.
    * Creating or maintaining SQL databases larger then 2GB
    * Using the hosting account as a personal backup location
    * Using more than 15,000 Files on basic , 25,000 Files on Standard ,  50,000 Files on Business  and 1,00000 Files on Premium
    * Hosting illegal content such as; Warez, Cracks, Hacking Tips,Porn,  etc.

Above are the main limits on the hosting accounts. For future information please consult the Terms of service located in the footer on each page of the site.

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