Why are my FrontPage Extensions not working?

FrontPage Extensions can easily be corrupted. We have outlined below a few of the things that can cause this problem.

   1. Modifying files via FTP. Using alternative problems to make changes to your website and then re-uploading the file after the changes can cause a problem within the FrontPage Extensions.

   2. Running CGI Scripts. Not always, but running certain CGI scripts can cause FrontPage to damage its own extensions.

   3. Editing the .htaccess file. Making changes to the .htaccess file or overwriting the original .htaccess file can cause FrontPage extensions to break.

   4. Reaching the maximum file / storage quota. If your account reaches the maximum File count or storage quota the FrontPage extensions can corrupt. For each page you publish, FrontPage duplicates certain information into hidden files.

Above are just some of the things that may break FrontPage. As you can see it's a very sensitive application and easily broken. To resolve the issue, you may want to try to do (below).

Reinstalling FrontPage Extensions:

   1. Login to your cPanel (This information is in the welcome email)
   2. Scroll down the page until you see the "Advanced" section
   3. Click on "FrontPage Extensions" within this "Advanced" section
   4. Now, click "Uninstall Extensions"
   5. Once completed, Select "Clean Up Old Extensions"
   6. Now, click on "Install Extensions"

Connecting via FrontPage Extensions:

   1. Try connecting with FrontPage from your local machine again.
   2. Go to File -> Open Site (Open Web in FrontPage 2002)
   3. Type in the domain as 'http://yourdomain.com' (change to your domain) and connect.
   4. Enter in the same user/pass details as you would for cPanel .

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