WordPress how to change domains?

There are a few steps that you will need to take to go ahead and get the domain changed.

How to change your domain name?

    * Connect to your account using FileZilla
    * Go into your active themes directory normally in /wp-content/themes/
    * Download the functions.php file (for your active theme)
    * Open it using a simple text editor such as notepad
    * immediately after the initial "<?php" line, add the following:


    * Use your own URL instead of example.com, obviously.

    * Save and re-upload the functions.php file, overwriting the original that is there.
    * Go to your admin page, and hit "F5" a couple of times, your new site should come up.

    * Please note, that if there isn't a functions.php file in your themes directory, just create a file called "functions.php" and place it in there. The code that would need to be entered into that file would be:

Now, almost done…

    * After you login, click on "Settings"
    * Now, click on "General"
    * Modify both of the below settings:

          Blog address (URL)
          WordPress address (URL)

    * Upon completion, click "Save Changes"
    * Upon completion of the above, just undo the functions.php changes that you did, because now you have set the correct url in the database, you should be fine going forward.

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