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Terms of Service
Terms of Service
By utilizing services from , you need to comply with our following terms .
We take spamming and abuse very seriously. We cannot tolerate our servers being spammed or misused. Any accounts knowingly or unknowingly causing spam or security issues due to weak coding or intentional reasons will be terminated with no room for consideration or refund..

Respect our efforts and service and love us as we care for you. This is to safe guard our infrastructure and other clients who trust us.

So beware, do not signup with us and waste your time and ours if your sole purpose is to send out spam emails or do mass mailing or host illegal content.
Shared Web Hosting
By signing up with Ideacube interactive/ web hosting plans you understand that your website is hosted on a server that is shared by other customers. The server is in no way sold or rented out to you exclusive. You will be placed in a shared hosting environment and have to abide by the server settings which is universal to all customers on the server. Server resources, Limits are all as per your hosting plan signed up. Shared web hosting plans are LINUX based and will only support php, html and mysql. ASP or based websites or applications are not supported. Each website and usage is different and tough to plan or check upfront. so incase we feel during the course of hosting your website or application uses more resources that is not suitable for shared hosting environment you will be informed to move to a dedicated environment. That is only on need bases and only if it uses more resources or needs more resources.
Unlimited Plans
By signing up with Ideacube interactive/ unlimited web hosting plans you understand that your website is hosted on shared environment and the terms listed under shared web hosting above is applicable. Unlimited Plans only provide Unlimited Webspace and Bandwidth on fair usage for hosting web site files and email accounts and not unlimited server resources relating to hardware such as processing power, ram usage etc. Shared hosting only allows 50,000 files per account/cpanel which applies to unlimited plans . once the account passes the 50,000 file threshold or 1 GB which ever first it will no longer be included in our weekly backups. Additionally, if the account happens to exceed 50,000 files then it will be in violation of our Terms of Service and can result in possible suspension. We do not allow file sharing , download based subscription services or websites to be run on shared hosting space. Also add on domains or space on unlimited shared hosting plans or not to be resold by the customer. Bandwidth usage is also provided unlimited on basis of fair usage . Bandwidth being used due to hacking or weak code will result in termination of account if not fixed on intimation.
Free Domain / Site Transfer
By signing up with Ideacube interactive/ sharedweb hosting plans you understand that free domain registration / transfer offer if any is applicable only for the 1st year for new web hosting accounts signed up with us. Subsequent year renewals will include the domain renewal charges along with your web hosting plan charges.

Free website transfer for shared webhosting plans are limited only to 1 website and only for new web hosting accounts within 5 days from the time of signing up. We will not be responsible for any data loss on the transfer . Website transfer is only provided as a courtesy service.
Server Software
Ideacube interactive/ reserves the right to change, upgrade software settings , versions etc to its servers which reflects for all hosting/ reseller plans hosted on its account with prior notice to customers. For example If the server runs php 5.3 and at a later date our technicians want to upgrade to php 5.4 . Customers will be informed so they can take any necessary steps to update their website code if needed. We will not send generic software updates notification for small updates that do not have less to no impact. Only major upgrades, downtimes are intimated . Web hosting customers do not have rights to change server software , or install new software on the server. Our servers are configured with the latest and best settings for good performance and are common to all.
Support System
Ideacube interactive/ offers limited technical support through our RapidSupport Team for all web hosting customers . Rapid Support handles the queries / issues only through email/ ticket system only . Depending on the complexity of the problem issues will be registered as a ticket and forwarding to the concerned team for troubleshooting and customer inturn being intimated via email with a solution. The objective of the support system is to help customers resolve the hosting and domain related issues if any. For any issues , you can login to the website and submit a ticket. All support requests are processed on first come first serve basis. The Average response time we commit to answer your mail is 2 hours during business hours from the time it is received. During peak hours you might expect a slight delay as we serve FCFS basis.

Rapid support is offered ONLY for domain & hosting services / plans provided by Ideacube interactive/ to customers and ONLY covers common hosting issues / concerns like setting up your emails , changing passwords, changing name servers etc. It DOES NOT include any configurations / installations of third party modules / scripts and applications , moving websites, trouble shooting coding for web sites. Incase of any such work we (Ideacube interactive/ within our scope we can assist you on those at an additional cost. Also support team cannot assist you in designing websites. Sales and Support group is for helping the customers. Any use of foul language against our sales / support executives will result in an instant account termination without prior notice or refund.
Mail Policy Limits
There is a limit of around 100 outgoing emails per domain in one hour. This limit is also applicable for the Mailman. It is not per email id, but per domain. If someone sends emails above this limit, it is obvious that most emails will turn back with an error notifying ‘not delivered’. In this case, your account will again take so much time in order to send those emails at the respective addresses, so we highly recommend that you wait for at least one hour to send the emails again.

We have different types of servers and you will be amazed to know that most of our servers have a total limit of around 30 POP3/IMAP checks per IP address in an hour. Trying over this will result in error message stating ‘login incorrect’. In this condition, it is better to wait for an hour and after that it functionally unblocks you. In order to prevent it, one can disable the auto checking feature or one can set the higher value.

There are very limited Mailman mailing lists available which are allowable as follows but always remember that it cannot be applied to any other mailing list programs like PHPList.
Mail Policy Sending
We strictly do not allow mass mailing, or bulk mailing from our servers to prevent server overload, spamming or ip blacklist.
If you are using a small mailing list software to send out limited genuine emails it is better to opt for another script or software which can throttle.

Important: Throttle is very important as opposing this, let’s assume you try to send out 500 emails one shot . The server will try to send all the 500 emails in one second which is definitely not a task of shared servers. In this way, the higher load on the server can be developed which results may affect the website, but here we provide the complete support to keep the server up and running all the time in order to prevent these types of situations. Without throttle, chances of the server crashing are higher.

Mailing Customers in bulk needs confirmation of the list . It is very important for complete security. It simply means that if any body has subscribed for the email marketing messages or newsletter, they have to confirm the request first. The confirmation message is sent to the users via email and from there, they need to confirm it by clicking a link given to them. This method is usually opted for to prevent any type of abuse or fraud. Also, one will not be able to subscribe to any other email address without their knowledge or consent. You are not allowed to send any type of mailing list which you have purchased or given. Always remember, that it is considered as spamming and thus it may result in the elimination of the account.

Every mailing list should follow all the guidelines or procedures which are set forth by US government and one can find these guidelines at:

Direct SMTP mailers are not allowed in any case, for instance, The Bat or Darkmailer. Every mail should be sent via MTA or local mail server but it can not be performed directly via scripts.
We are very strict on spamming issues. For unsolicited mails, bulk emails and spamming, we follow the spam policy of zero tolerance. Purchase lists will be considered a spam and any user not abiding with the rules and regulations will suffer termination of their account. If we will find a user sending spam mails, his account will be terminated without any prior notice.

We prohibit the websites from being hosted on our systems that have been advertised by means of SPAM. This stipulation includes mails, faxes, instant messages and even news groups. In addition to this, we will not be hosting those websites, as well which are already listed in ROKSO. If we find any such accounts that make our IP space blacklisted, they will be terminated without more ado and no refunds / partial refunds will be entertained what so ever to compensate the loss of losing our ip.

Ideacube Interactive / has the right to disable any site / web hosting account, database, account or any other constituent which does not act in accordance with the given terms and conditions. Websites spamming due to weak code or intentionally will not be tolerated. It is the site owner’s duty to keep his site updated and secure. We also reserve the right to make necessary changes in complete judgment at the time of any emergency.

In case, an account holder is found using his account for sending unsolicited mails, he will be charged with clean-up fees as per the reserved rights. The account holder may even be charged for blacklist removal of our IP space and the complete amount of fees will be decided as per the judgment of Ideacube Interactive /
Using Hosting Resources
You must understand that you are sharing a server with other customers and you do not own or have rights to manage the server. You must respect the server capabilities and play fair without harming other customers on the servers.

Customers hosting with us are not allowed to:

  • Utilize 25% extra of the system resources for more than 90 seconds. Several activities like HTTP, PHP or CGI scripts can cause various difficulties.
  • Use more than 50000 files in a single account which includes emails, etc
  • Host websites which are illegal or banned by government agencies.
  • Host malware, virus, hacking scripts, commercial softwares etc.
  • Use stand alone mode. The neglected server side procedures should not be used, as well on the server at any time. This will incorporate all daemons like IRCD.
  • Use any indexer of web crawler on the shared servers.
  • Use any software which borders any network of Internet Relay Chat.
  • Using applications of bit torrent on shared servers is absolutely prohibited. You can get linked to these applications offsite only.
  • Participation in a file sharing activity is also forbidden.
  • Gaming servers are also not allowed for usage on shared servers.
  • Running cron entries for as low as 15 minutes.
Server Security
Ideacube interactive / takes every step to safeguard its servers with maximum safety methods. However hackers find ways to penetrate into server accounts etc by means of weak or unsafe coding or not keeping upto date CMS scripts such as wordpress, joomla,etc on the server. Websites/ accounts getting hacked due to client negligence , spoofing of credentials or weak /unsafe coding methods, Ideacube interactive / Ideacube will not be responsible for such issues arising, or data loss. It is the customer duty to backup accounts periodically to ensure safety. We do provide weekly backup as a courtesy which get overwritten every week.

Ideacube interactive / or it’s affiliates will not be responsible for any data loss.
Sites /accounts containing malware or shell scripts that cause harm to server will be intimated to customer for clean up. Failing to do so accounts will be suspended.
Network Maintenance
Occasionally network maintenance will be required by Ideacube Interactive / . We will do everything possible to minimize the downtime during this maintenance. You will receive prior email notification of scheduled maintenance at the e-mail address we have on file. Only under unforeseen and rare circumstances we need to bring down servers for some time without notifications, done just to ensure and enhance the security measures and updates. Customers cannot claim any loss due to server downtimes.
You need to pay for the services provided by Ideacube Interactive / in advance. Yearly renewal cost is subject to change depending on unavoidable market scenarios. Upgrade of plan during remaining signed tenure will incur cost difference as per Ideacube interactive/ terms. Downgrade of web hosting plans will only be possible if the downgraded plan supports the limits of the higher plan. Incase it does not ( for example say there are 25 accounts and down grade plan only supports 20 ) in this case downgrade will not be possible, without terminating the additional 5.

You need to be in agreement for the facts that the fees for the services taken by Ideacube Interactive / will be done in advance by the given time period and unless For cancelling your account , you need to send mail to your account will not be cancelled until we receive a mail from you mentioning all the points. Prior to cancelling your account, we will initially confirm all the information and then will notify you in writing about the account termination. One of our employees will confirm your termination request and in case, you do not receive any such confirmation mails within a short span of time after making a request, you will need to contact us through phone.

Being a customer of Ideacube Interactive / , it will be your duty to keep us informed with your updated payment information and make sure that you make payments on time. For cancellation of any service, you will need to send a mail to Ideacube Interactive /, otherwise all your invoices would be billed. Ideacube Interactive / provides a grace period of 2 days for making the necessary payments and if a bill is outstanding for more than this period, we will be charging a late fee or your account may even suffer suspension. For resuming the services and getting the access back over the account, you will need to make all the payments along with the late fees in full.

After making a payment for the renewal of domain/ hosting, you will need to inform our sales team through email at Ideacube Interactive / and make sure that the mail and payment have been received. We provide a courtesy reminder for invoices and notices, but we are not responsible for any failure for renewing a domain or any notification for the same.

Fraudulent payments will result in immediate termination of the account. Under any circumstances, refund is not possible for the services once bought and activated If you pay offline for acquiring services, contact sales team for more details.

If any law enforcement agency requests for any subscriber information, Ideacube interactive / will provide the same to these agencies without any prior notification. We believe in cooperating with law enforcement and so we will endow them with any subscriber data.

All disputes are subject to Chennai jurisdiction only.
All amounts paid by for Hosting and domain Services are non-refundable once the same is activated from our end. In the event of unforseen circumstances if activation is not done then client may request for a refund within 24 hrs from the time of placing order. has the reserved rights to make any modifications in the policy without any prior notice.