Am I able to create my own error pages?

Yes. On any hosting account with us, you are able to create / change your error pages. Please see below a quick outline of each error page and its meaning.

   1. Error 400 – This means "Bad Request" which means when your application has made an incorrectly scripted request to the server, you will get this message back.

   2. Error 401 – This mean
      s that you don't have the correct username / password for this section, or that it requires a username / password for this resource to be accessed online.

   3. Error 403 – This is a message that will appear when you fail verification (this can happen when you enter in the incorrect information when there is a prompt for a username / password).

   4. Error 404 – This is a message that will show up when the resource that you are requesting is not available or has been moved. Basically meaning, that this file is no longer at this location.

   5. Error 500 – This means that the server has an internal error. This can happen when you have incorrectly input syntax into your .htaccess or you have set your permissions more then 755.

Above is a summary of all the commonly seen error codes that you would face with your hosting account.

*If you wish to have your own error pages, simply create the error code and call it .shtml (E.g. 404.shtml) and place it into the /public_html/ folder, and you should be all set.

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