Are there any limitations if I choose to publish with FrontPage?

Yes. There are limitations on FrontPage, as it can create problems. We have outlined some of the limitations below:

   1. Web Size: This seems to be a very important section when a "Searchable Event" is present in a website. A lengthy "Searchable Event" may lead to issues such as: Error 500, Server Timeout messages, etc… So if at all possible, please keep your "Searchable Events" to a minimum.

   2. Timeout: If when you are publishing a timeout happens (this is sometimes due to large pictures being uploaded), simply restart the publishing feature and FrontPage will recognize what files were already placed into the directory and begin publishing only those files that were left before your connection was timed out.

   3. Disk Usage: Please remember that for every file you publish with your FrontPage application, it makes a "Child" copy which adds to the storage on your hosting account. The more files you publish, the more "Child" copies will be in your account.

Overall, as you can see there are a few restrictions above, that you may have not known about. However, outside of the above mentioned limits you should be fine to publish your site without any problems.

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