How to add a new domain onto my account?

dding a new domain name is simple. However, there are a few steps involved.

Point your domain name to our name servers

Your domain name MUST be pointed to our name servers before the domain name will successful add into your account. Thus, if you have not as yet purchased your domain name, you must do that before you add this domain into your account.

Purchasing a domain name can be done directly via our site by going to

Once you have your domain name and it's pointed to our name servers ( To get your namserver details contact support ):

You will need to do the following:

    * Login to your cPanel
    * Click on: Addon Domains (under the Domains category)
    * Fill field with the domain name, and the rest of the fields will be automatically filled in for you.
    * Upon completion, you will be able to upload your documents into your newly added domain via FTP (/public_html/

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