Internal Error 500

This is a common error, normally caused by one of the below listed problems. Each of which can be fixed quickly by taking the below suggested steps. Please view below.


   1. Check your .htaccess file. This is a file that resides in your /public_html/ folder, and can often cause this error, because the syntax within this file is incorrect. Simply renaming it, can often fix the problem (and then you will need to see what the issue is within the contents of this file).

   2. Check that your files don't have permissions of 777. Since we run PHP as CGI, this means that your permissions can not exceed 755. If they are more, then this can also trigger the Error 500 (Internal Server Error). Simply changing the permissions on the files / folders that have been set as 777 down to 755 will fix this issue.

   3. Check that your /public_html/ folder doesn't have permissions greater than 750. This can happen, when you accidentally change the permissions on this folder without realizing it. If its anything other than that, simply change it back, and this should resolve this issue.

If you have tried all the above, and none of them apply or have solved your issue, please consider submitting a support ticket, so our engineers may take a look for you.

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